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At first I though this was a joke

Don’t ignore this Tumblr

Yet they still do even when it’s right in their face.

Taylor Swift & Kevin Hart - MTV VMA Video Promo 2012 (x)


One terrible truth I’ve discovered is that sometimes we don’t just have a bad day or a bad month…sometimes we have a bad year. Sometimes we feel like we have no control over the endless waves of bad luck we seem to be experiencing. But one thing you do have control over is your outlook. Your mindset is yours to control and as hard as it is to step back from the situation and have blind faith that things will change and get better, it’s our only option other than ending up in a downward spiral.



“@taylorswift13’s album is triumphant. If she’d been here when I was in college I would have written papers on her, not Sylvia Path.”

The @taylorswift13 show tonight=most life-affirming thing I’ve experienced!

Lena Dunham

Taylor Swift leaving her apartment in New York City


Talk to the wind, talk to the sky, talk to the man, with the reasons why.